Saturday, August 29, 2009

Elizabeth aka Mom Is Crazy

My name is Ted, Elizabeth's husband. I am sorry to tell you that Elizabeth passed away unexpectedly today. I'm not sure but it appears it may have been a sudden heartattack. Harriet and I will go on, but without Elizabeth there will be no one to keep up this website. I know several of you were friends of hers if you want you can find me on Facebook, I'm not sure but I think you can just search for me by name Ted Bowles. Send me a friend request and I'll inform you of the arrangements when I know what they are.

As it appears at this time the memorial service will be in Washington, NC probably on Monday, I don't know the time or the name of the funeral home.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Just a few things...

Harris Teeter is running a Super Doubles Coupon event this week. This means they will double any coupon that has a face value of 1.98 or less! Could make for some great deals. I am running on empty and am still finding better deals (for our family/needs) at Food Lion but be sure to check it out if you are so inclined!

Food Lion is running a 3 day sale , Friday-Sunday. I believe the sale items are listed in the regular ad. Again, some not too bad deals there. I, for one, will be grabbing some toilet paper!

I had to do some training yesterday for my new job and after a summer of getting up REALLY late in the morning and staying up at night REALLY late it was rough going yesterday. It will take me a week or so to get used to getting up early again. On top of that we had our first day of 2nd Grade yesterday, so even though I did visit Food Lion to use up the rest of my FLIPS that were expiring yesterday I was just too pooped to type it up last night.

Food Lion- Multiple stores and transactions to use FLIPS.
Using $1 Home360 FLIP-
5 Facial Tissue sale price .95
3 15ct Kitchen Trash Bags sale price 1.49
Using $1 Healthy Accent FLIP-
8 Liquid Hand Soap sale price .99
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
1 3lb tube Ground Beef marked down to 3.22
1 FL All Purpose Flour 1.29
2 FL Instant Mashed Potatoes 1.72
1 Hunt's Diced Tomatoes sale price 1.00
1 FL Frozen Diced Onions .99
1 FL Frozen Broccoli Spears .99
1 Mandarin Oranges 1.06

Total- 39.92
Saved- 34.31
Spent- 5.61

Kroger- Hubbie was out of drinks and I wanted to stock up some more while they are .50 each!! Mega Sale- Buy 10 participating products get $5 off. Can be done up to 3 times per transaction. ie- 30 products gets $15 total off the order. Pepsi 2 Liter products are included and are sale for .99 so after the discount it makes them .49 each.

30 Pepsi 2 Liters sale price .99
3 1/2 gallons Milk Manager Markdown to .75 (they freeze!!!)
1 Pencil Box (daughter needed for school) 1.00
1 Edy's Single Serve Ice Cream (treat for daughter) 1.00
1 Kroger Loaf Bread .78
2 8oz fresh Sliced Mushrooms Manager Markdown .79
- $15 Mega Event Discount

Total- 66.31
Saved- 43.79
Spent- 22.52

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Just when things were looking really bad and some hard decisions were coming up... I got a job!!! Not just any job... But a job with my old company!! I loved working for them and was sorry to let it go in April but had no choice. Out of the blue today, my very first boss there (he is now on a different project in the same company) calls me and asks if I can come back on his program! YAY!!!!

Now people who know me know that I am not a church go-er, but I do believe there is someone out there watching over us. I believe in a higher power, karma, call it what you will. My belief has grown over the last year because things keep happeneing just when we need them too, random things, things you could not plan for and are just out of the blue. It happens too often for it not be something more than just chance. Now I am not saying that the bad doesn't happen too but I definitely see the good and maybe should take more notice of it!

This was one of those things.

*breathes sigh of relief*

Monday, August 24, 2009

Bad things happen in threes right?

First my car acts up but then it starts working ok again, then hubbie's car acts up and has to have a part replaced,
THEN his computer chair breaks, then a dining room chair breaks,
THEN I get a really bad toothache/infection, then hubbie gets an earache/infection,
THEN the dryer just stops working....
Oh Lord what is coming next, cus for us lately it is coming in pairs!!!!

*constant chant of *What does not kill us makes us stronger.. What does not kill us makes us stronger...*

Did a bit of Food Lion FLIP shopping to use up some of the ones that will be expiring on Tuesday!!

Food Lion- Several stores and transactions.
Using $1 Healthy Accents FLIP-
1 Hand Sanitizer sale price 1.29
4 Liquid Hand Soap sale price .99
1 Toothbrush sale price 1.00
1 mutlipack Emery Boards .99
1 100ct Cotton Balls 1.28
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP-
2 Mutlipack Penciltop Erasers .59
6 Facial Tissues sale price .95
1 Aluminum Foil .99
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
2 FL canned Mushrooms 1.09
1 Ore-Ida ABC shapes Tater Tots Clearanced to 1.89
1 Whole Fryer Chicken 2.11
1 Campbells Cream of Mushroom Soup 1.59
2 Campbells Tomato Soup 1.19
1 FL Refried Beans .97

Total- 39.00
Saved- 35.03
Spent- 3.97

Saturday, August 22, 2009


Go to and sign up at the link at the top of the page, once you sign up you will be sent to a link to print a coupon for $3/1 Smithfield Bacon. Quickly hit the back button a few times til you see the little printer button sending again and it will let you print another one. Then take those coupons to Harris Teeter where the Smithfield bacon is on sale for $3 each. This means FREE BACON.

Then go HERE and sign up and answer the questions (if you want cat food be sure to answer about cats not dogs!!) and at the end it will let you print a coupon for $3.50 off one bag. Take this to HT and get FREE CAT FOOD since theirs is on sale for 3.50 a bag this week. If you have a dog I think it will give you a Q for the same amount off dog food so still a good deal.

Then of course I went to a few Food Lions to use more of the FLIPS!!!

Harris Teeter- 2 stores since they have a 2 IP's per transaction rule and our stores will say it is per day.

4 Smithfield Bacon sale price 3.00 - $3/1 IP x 4
2 Purina Cat Foods sale price 3.50 - $3.50/1 x 2

Total- 32.48
Saved- 31.74
Spent- .74

Food Lion- Multiple Stores and multiple transactions to use FLIPS.

Using $1/1 Home 360 FLIP-
8 Facial Tissue Cube .95
2 Aluminum Foil .99
Using $1/1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
2 Bruce Whole Yams can 1.10
2 Mandarin Oranges 1.00
1 Whole Cut Up Chicken MVP price 2.48
2 FL Mushroom Pieces 1.09
2 FL Refried Beans
1 4 pack baby carrots 1.00
Using $1/1 Healthy Accents FLIP-
1 HA Liquid Hand Soap sale price .99
1 HA Hand Sanitizer sale price 1.29
1 HA Toothbrush sale price 1.00

Total- 33.95
Saved- 31.90
Spent- 2.05

Totals for the Day- 66.43
Saved- 63.64
Spent- 2.79

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Been dealing with a bad tooth so I am gonna keep this one short.

Food Lion-
7 OM Lunchables $1 each - $1.50/7 CAT Q = 5.50
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
3 FL Mandarin Oranges 1.00
1 FL Apple Juice 1.50
1 18ct Large White Eggs 1.25
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP-
2 H360 Amluminum Foil
1 80ct Coffee Filters 1.89
2 15ct Kitchen Trash Bags 1.49

Total- 28.95
Saved- 25.42
Spent- 3.53

Lowes Foods-
8 4ct Uncrustables 2.50 each - .50/1 3 Week Instore Q x 8 - .75/1 Insert Q x 8

Total- 23.24
Saved- 19.04
Spent- 4.20

Harris Teeter- Only my 2 trip during triples this time, I don't think I even used 20 coupons total!

2 I Can't Beleive It's Not Butter Spray 1.49 sale price - .75/1 IP
2 Mission Tortillas 2.49 - .75/1 Blinkie
1 Angus Sirloin Tip marked down to 1.54

Total- 12.59
Saved- 11.23
Spent- 1.36

Kroger- MEGA EVENT the next 2 weeks folks!! Check the ad online or grab a flyer. Some REALLY nice deals to be found. But remember the Greenville store only accepts 4 like coupons per transaction and will only double the 1 of them. So to do the best deals you have to get creative and pick 10 different things sometimes or combine the under .50 Q's with the over .50 ones etc.

30 2 liter Pepsi's sale price .99 - .50 MEGA EVENT discount= .49
2 Gallons Kroger Milk Manager Markdown to 1.50 each (freezing one, hope it works!)
1 16ct Heat and Serve Rolls Manager Markdown to .59
1 Loaf bread .78
1 Foot Long Roast Beef Sub manager markdown to 2.50
- $6 Rewards certificate
-$1 off anything next shopping certificate from Kroger rewards coupons.

Total- 66.82
Saved- 51.57
Spent- 15.25

Totals for the Day- 131.60
Saved- 107.26
Spent- 24.34

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Back to Lowes and Food Lion!

The Little One loves the Uncrustables in her lunchbox at school and since that time is quickly approaching my plan is to buy enough to get us through the year! And of course more FLIPS at Food Lion plus a few other deals.

Lowes Foods- 2 transactions since they only double 4 like Q's per transaction.
6 Uncrustables 2.50 - .50/1 Lowes 3 Week Q x 6 - .75/1 Insert Q x 6

Total- 17.43
Saved- 14.28
Spent- 3.15

Food Lion- Multiple stores and transactions to use FLIPS.
2 lbs Deli Pastrami/Corned Beef BOGO 11.98 - $3/$10 Deli Bakery FLIP= 2.98
5 OM Lunchables sale price 1.00 - $1/5 CAT coupon
1 Spaghettios sale price .50
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
1 3lb Bag White Potatoes sale price 2.99
1 FL Frozen onions .99
1 FL Frozen Broccoli .99
2 FL 64oz Apple Juice
1 FL Chicken Breast Tenders sale price 1.96
1 FL Chicken Breast Tenders sale price 2.11
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP-
2 15ct Kitchen Trash Bags sale price 1.49
5 Aluminum Foil

Total- 50.87
Saved- 40.85
Spent- 10.02

Totals for the Day- 68.30
Saved- 55.13
Spent- 13.17

Wednesday HT Triples and FL FLIPS!

Let's try this again. Earlier this stupid thing ate my post!!
Ok looks ok for now... *crosses fingers*

Decided to go and grab the few things I was interested in for Triples. But more importantly I have FLIPS that need to be used!! Also a fabulous deal at Lowes Foods. Then stopped at Briley's for some fresh produce, our little splurge in the summer time is buying local on some stuff. Just can't beat it!

First, if you haven't done so, GET THE SHOPPERS CARDS AT ALL STORES. You MUST have these to get the full deals!!! Next, go to Lowes Foods site and sign up for E-Offers. Then go in and select all of the Academix Stationary coupons. These coupons are loaded directly to your Lowes Rewards card and are automatically redeemed when you purchase the item. There are about 10-15 things that are BOGO this week in the stationary stuff, there are coupons for these. Combined you actually get some overage on some of the items!!! You will see what I got and the e-offers coupons used in the store list below.

You also need to sign up for the Food Lion Shoppers Companion that will send a weekly email with coupons. Also, the HT E-VIC which is a weekly email that offers at least one E-VIC only offer per week. Sometimes for free stuff!!!

Finally, just a piece of advice. If you see a deal that is AWESOME and you want to do it, go ahead and do it ASAP if you can. Here is the reason why, this week Staples had an awesome .01 deal. You could get 6 1 subject notebooks for just ONE CENT EACH. But the deal was only good thru today and only while supplies lasted. I messed around and didn't go until tonight and of course they were sold out. So I missed a great deal that I wanted to do because I was being LAZY!!! LOL

I went out shopping earlier in the day with the Little One in tow, then back out again tonight so I could shop and think at the same time!! LOL Everything is combined together.

6 ears shucked Silver Queen corn
2 apples
2 tomatoes

Total- 7.00

Harris Teeter-
1 100ct Ziploc Sandwich bags BOGO 2.14 - .40/1 Insert Q
2 Ziploc Reusable containers stacks BOGO 1.79 - .55/1 Insert Q x 2
1 Wishbone Salad Dressing 2.00 - .75/1 Insert Q
2 Swanson Chunk Chicken cans 1.79 - .75/2 Insert Q
1 2lb HT Rancher Ground Chuck 1.99 EVIC SPECIAL OFFER
3 Bagelfuls 2.00 - .55/1 Blinkie x 3
3 Mission Tortillas 2.49 - .75/1 Blinkie x 3

Total- 40.11
Saved- 33.39
Spent- 6.72

Lowes Foods-
4 Smuckers Uncrustables 2.50 -.50/1 with 3 week store Q x 4- .75/1 x 4 Insert Q = .50 each
E-OFFERS Academix School Supplies deals-
1 Pencil Sharpner .38 - .50/1 Instasave Q = .12 overage
1 Rubberbands pack .42 - .50/1 Instasave Q = .08 overage
1 Binder Clips pack .92 - 1.00/1 Instasave Q = .08 overage
1 Invisible Tape .69 - 1.00/1 Instasave Q = .31 overage
1 2 pack ball point pens 1.19 - 2.00/1 Instasave Q = .81 overage
1 Protractor .50 - .50/1 Instasave Q = free
1 Multipack Erasers Combo .32 - .50/1 Instasave Q = .18 overage
1 3 pack Carabiners 1.03 - 1.00/1 Instasave Q = .03
1 box of staples .99 - .50/1 Instasave Q = .49

Total- 24.14
Saved- 22.66
Spent- 1.48 (.55 was taxes!!!) Basically the overage from the school supplies helped pay the balance on the Uncrustables!

Food Lion- Multiples stores, multiple transactions over 2 trips around today!
2 Spaghettios sale price .50
3 Oscar Mayer Lunchables sale price $1 (received a coupon CAT for $1/5 Lunchables Q)
Using $1/$3 Smart Options FLIP-
3 16ct Smart Options Cheese Slices .99
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
2 FL Frozen Diced onion .99
5 FL Frozen Broccoli .99
3 Juicy Juice 8 pack sale price 1.50
1 FL 64oz Apple Juice 1.50
1 Pict Sweet Edamame 1.99
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP-
6 15ct Kitchen Trash Bags sale price 1.49
5 Aluminum Foil sale price .99

Total- 48.95
Saved- 37.89
Spent- 11.06

Totals for the Day- 120.20
Saved- 93.94
Spent- 26.26

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Tuesday Shopping

I ended up going late today to grab a few things.

Don't forget TRIPLES at HT start tomorrow. This means that any coupon with a face value of .99 or lower will be tripled in value! ie. .50 = 1.50, .75 = 2.25 etc.

Reminder, HT will now ONLY triple 20 coupons per day. PERIOD. The registers are now coded to the VIC cards. There is no way around it. Also remember that you can only use 3 like coupons per transaction. Say you had 10 of the same coupon. You could do 4 transactions (if your store would let you, altho I think most are sticking to the rules pretty closely now) or go on 4 different days or visit multiple stores. But again, they will only TRIPLE 20 coupons PER DAY but you can visit different stores to use those 20 coupons too.

Last week I actually had a Food Lion store give me back money. Now this is NOT the norm and I even questioned the cashier (I had combined the wrong products to use the FLIPS bringing my total too low!) but she assured me that this was ok. Never, ever count on this happening just be happy if it ever does! It was kinda fun even if it was only .03! LOL

Ok, on to todays shopping.

Food Lion- 3 stores, 3 transactions.
Healthy Accents 500 count cotton swabs 2.37 - $1 Healthy Accents FLIP
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP-
1 FL Frozen Diced Onions .99
1 FL French Fries 2.00
2 Cucumbers .50
Using $1/$3 Smart Options FLIP-
6 Smart Options 16ct Cheese Slices .99
3 Smart Options personal pizzas .67 sale price
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP-
2 15ct Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 1.50
1 Home 360 Aluminum Foil .99 sale price

Total- 21.47
Saved- 12.61
Spent- 8.86

Harris Teeter-
1 18 pack Beer (hubbie again!)

Total- 13.92
Saved- 4.30
Spent- 9.62

Lowes Foods-
4 Cabot Salted Butter 4 sticks each sale price 2.99 - 2.01 Instasave E-Offer loaded to Lowes shopper card x 4

Total- 16.04
Saved- 12.04
Spent- 4.00

Totals for the Day- 51.43
Saved- 28.95
Spent- 22.48

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Car Issues

Had an issue with my car Saturday, may soon be down to a one car family. As I am not working right now, that is not a huge issue. Actually, when you think about it, that used to be the norm!

Anyway, because of that I was only able to visit 2 stores. I plan on going later today to do some major Food Lion shopping. Also stopped and grabbed some fresh fruit at Briley's!

1 Cantulope 2.00
2 larges peaches 1.50


CVS- Currently CVS has a coupon booklet in the pharmacy that you receive when you just ask about their automatic refill program! It will actually be advertised in the ad coming out today. There are several nice CVS coupons that can be used with regular coupons to get some nice deals in the coming weeks.
1 Puzzle for kiddo as filler
3 Visine Eyedrops 4.49 - $2/1 Insert Q x 3 - $3/$12 Eyecare purchase CVS Q from booklet
-$5 ECB
PLUS earn $5 ECB

Saved- 14.00
Spent- 1.27
*Earned $5 ECB

Food Lion-*looking at my receipt I see that I was actually overcharged from the shelf price on 2 things and will take my receipt back to get a refund for the difference.
1 Gallon Smart Options Milk 3.28
1 Smart Options Pizza sale price .69 -$1/$3 Smart Options FLIP
1 1/2 Gallon FL Chocolate Milk 3.29 - FREE Q (actually credits 3.75 off)
1 15ct Home 360 Trash Bags 1.49 - $1 Home 360 FLIP
1.16 lbs Green Grapes 1.15 - $1 Guiding Stars FLIP

Total- 11.86
Saved- 8.71
Spent- 3.15

Totals for the Day- 30.63
Saved- 22.71
Spent- 7.92

Friday, August 7, 2009

They really are trying to kill me!

So Food Lion comes out with a new Guiding Stars FLIP today that is good until 9/1!!!! AND they came out with at $1/$3 Smart Options purchase FLIP. So combine those with the ongoing (until 8/25) Home 360 FLIP and well you see where the plot is!!! You can send cards and flowers to me when I end up at the hospital!!

Today I just needed to grab a few items and HAD to get my ink cartridge refilled at Walgreens. (yes, so I can print out all those FLIPS!).

I ended up doing the Kellogg's Fuel for School deal at Walgreens today because I needed to get my ink cartridge refilled. That is 12.50. So with the $5/$25 Q and the insert Q's I could do pretty good. Well turned out they didn't charge for the ink refill because it didn't pass their *print test*. She said it will probably still work though! (It is working but not very well, I may have to cough up the money to get a new cartridge soon.) So I had to do a quick adjustment to the original plan. Here is what I did.

1 Ink Cartridge Refill FREE
2 Kellogg's cereals 2.50 each - $1/2 Insert Q + Earn $2 RR
2 Pop-Tarts 2.00 each - $1/2 Insert Q
2 Rice Krispie Treats 2.00 each - $1/2 Insert Q
2 Cheeze Its 2.00 each - $1/2 Insert Q
2 Keebler Fudge Cookies 2.00 each - $1/2 Insert Q + Earn $5 RR
1 Vitamin Shampoo 3.99 + Earn $4 RR
1 M&M candy .69 (filler)
- $5/$25 Q (expired today)

Total- 51.56
Saved- 36.28
Spent- 15.28
*Received $11 RR
Will receive $10 Fuel For School Rebate
Final MM of 5.72!!!

Food Lion-
1 Food Lion Peanut Butter 1.67 - $1 off Food Lion Peanut Butter FLIP
1 Home 360 Trash Bags 1.50 - $1 Home 360 FLIP
1 2.61lb Cabbage 1.80 - $1 Guiding Stars FLIP

Total- 6.26
Saved- 4.18
Spent- 2.08

Harris Teeter-
1 A&H Scrub Free 1.99 -.75/1 IP doubled= .49
1 A&H Clean Shower 1.50 - .75/1 IP doubled = FREE
1 HT Baby Wipe 2.79 - 2.79 Special E-VIC offer = FREE
1 HT Loaf of Bread .97 - .50 Weekly E-VIC offer = .47
1 18 pack Coors Light 8.99

Total- 17.51
Saved- 6.78
Spent- 10.73

Totals for the Day- 75.33
Saved- 47.24
Spent- 28.09
*Earned $11 RR and will receive $10 Rebate

Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok so yeah I have a problem....

either I need a break from the super great coupons at Food Lion OR I need to develop some self control. Which do you think will happen first?!?!

Food Lion- Multiple stores and transactions to use the FLIPS.
1 Rubbermaid reusable juice box 2.29 (figure in the long run this is WAY cheaper than having to buy them all year for school lunches, plus I can put milk in and freeze it and it should be fine until they eat lunch!)

Use $1 Guiding Light Flip-
1 1.92lb Eye of Round Roast marked down to 1.77 !!!!
1 3.5lb package of Pork Chops marked down to 1.16!!!!
4 Hunt Tomatos 1.00
2 FL Mushrooms 1.09
1 Green Giant Mushrooms 1.49 (grabbed the wrong one and didn't realize until I got home!)
1 Del Monte Peach Chunks 1.28
1 Dole Pineapple Tidbits 1.39 - .50/1 IP
Use $1 Home 360 FLIP-
4 Home 360 Tall Kitchen Trash Bags 1.50
2 25ft Home 360 Aluminum Foil .99
1 Home 360 Paper Towels 1.50
2 Home 360 Facial Tissue .95
1 Home 360 Close Out priced Laundry Detergent 2.13
1 Home 360 5pack Entree size reusable containers (perfect sandwich size so no more baggies!!) 2.74

Total- 38.38
Saved- 28.21
Spent- 10.17

Sunday, August 2, 2009

More free stuff from FLIPS!

*UPDATE- Went back out tonight and got some more free/cheap stuff and just added it to the existing lists.

This week at FL with the Home 360 FLIP you can get free Aluminum Foil and Facial Tissues!!!

I also went by Staples and grabbed the Wide Rule Filler Paper for a penny. And I hit CVS for the school supply freebies and a good deal on gum as Hubbie's workplace is tobacco free as of August 1st.

5 Wide Rule Notebook Paper .01
11 copies .88

Total- 4.13
Saved- 3.20
Spent- .93

CVS- Multiple transactions allows me to roll the ECB's I earn from deal to deal lowering the out of pocket a bunch and getting more free stuff!
Transaction #1-
1Blink Tears 7.99- $3/1 Insert Q + 7.99 ECB earned
6 60ct Eclipse Gum 2/$5 - BOGO Insert Q x 3 +$5 ECB earned
-$4/$20 Q from Email
-$4 ECB from previous week

Total- 35.26
Saved- 29.44
Spent- 5.82
*Earned 12.99 ECB
MM of 7.17

Transaction #2-
2 10 ct Pencils .99 + .99 ECB earned
2 1 Subject Notebooks .99 + .99 ECB earned
1 3 pack glue stick .99 + .99 ECB earned
1 Ludens Cough Drops .49 (filler item)
1 CVS Aspirin 1.99 FREE item for August (free item coupon received when scan SCB card first time in August)
- $5 ECB earned previous transaction

Total- 11.71
Saved- 10.89
Spent- .82
*Earned 4.95 ECB's

Transaction #3-
1 Caliber Scissors 2.99 + earn 2.99 ECB
-.99 ECB
-1.98 ECB

Saved- 2.97
Spent- .23
*Earned 2.99 ECB

Transaction #4-
1 Caliber Scissors 2.99 + earn 2.99 ECB
-.99 ECB
-1.98 ECB

Saved- 2.99
Spent- .21
*Earned 2.99 ECB

Transaction #5-
6 60ct Dentyle and Eclipse Gum 2/$5 + earn $5 ECB
-2.99 ECB
-1.98 ECB
-7.99 ECB

Total- 24.99
Saved- 21.90
Spent- 3.09
*Earned $5 ECB

TOTAL CVS- 78.36
SAVED- 68.19
SPENT- 10.17

Food Lion- Multiple stores and multiple transactions to use the FLIPS.
1 Whole Cut Up Chicken reduced to 3.13
1 Rubbermaid Twist and Seal small round containers 3.29
$1 off Home 360 FLIP used for:
3 Close Out Laundry Detergent 2.13
1 Facial Tissues Cube sale price .95
9 Home 360 Paper Towels 1.50
1 25ft Aluminum Foil .95
$1 Guiding Stars FLIP used for:
1 San Marcos Refried Beans 1.29
1 DelMonte Mandarin Oranges 1.67
4 FL Mushroom Pieces 1.09
1 Del Monte Peach Chunks 1.28
2 FL Pineapple Chunks .64
1 Pompeian Marinated Artichoke hearts 1.56
2 Hunts Diced Tomato 1.00
1 FL Angel Hair Pasta 1.29
1 FL Pineapple Tidbit 1.25
$1 Healthy Accent FLIP used for:
1 12 pack disposable razors 2.59
-$2.50/$15 CAT

Total- 52.56
Saved- 33.47
Spent- 19.09

Totals for the Day- 135.05
Saved- 104.86
Spent- 30. 19

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

All kinds of shopping!

Well as usual I was being a slacker and just now put in some receipts from Sunday and Monday.

I also went and did a little shopping today. I decided to try a little early Christmas shopping.

I was hoping for a big score at Target since there were rumors that the Target Toy Clearance might be hitting 75% this week. But at my store there was very little on clearance and for the most part it was still just 30% off. Nothing really for me to go back and get either when it does get to 75%. This is a disappointment because last year I got SO MUCH STUFF when they did the 75% off clearance. I am hoping this is just the first round as last year the sale was a bit later. Guess we will have to wait and see. I did find one thing at Toys R Us in their clearance area so that was nice!

Finally the Guiding Starts FLIP was reset and extended to 8/4 so that means more cheap stuff at FL!!!!

Briley's Produce- Hubbie asked from some good local cantaloupe and tomatoes, I also grabbed a few peaches.
2 Cantaloupes
2 Tomatoes
3 Peaches
Spent- 7.35

Target- Picked up all of these things from their $1 bins in the front of the store.
1 Foam Clock
1 childs putty toy
1 pack of pipe cleaners
4 packs of small sea animal toys

Saved- 0.00
Used GC- 7.30
Spent- .19

Toys R Us-
1 Planet Earth Explorer Kit 1/2 price 4.98

Total- 10.34
Saved- 5.01
Spent- 5.33

KFC- Received the free Grilled meal coupon from the Oprah promo several months ago and decided to pick this up for the Little One's supper.
1 2 pc Grilled Chicken Meal w/ 2 sides, biscuit and drink.

Spent- 0.00

Burger King- They also have the deal where you call in and answer questions (info is on the back of the receipts) and for doing this you get a free Whopper or Original Chicken sandwich with purchase of fries and drink.
1 Whopper
1 small fry
1 small Icee

Total- 5.29
Saved- 2.75
Spent- 2.54

Food Lion- Multiple stores and multiple transactions to use the FLIPS (either Home 360 or Guiding Stars).
Using $1 Home 360 FLIP:
4 Home 360 Paper Towels 1.50
1 Home 360 Aluminum Foil .99
1 Home 360 Tall Kitchen trash bags 15 ct 1.49
1 Home 360 Paper Bowls 1.95
Using $1 Guiding Stars FLIP:
1 Gallon Smart Option 2% Milk 3.28
1 DelMonte No Sugar Added Diced Peaches 1.28
2 FL Tater Tots 2.00
1 FL Peanut Butter 1.67
1 FL Mushrooms 1.09
1 FL Cut Yams 1.08
4 Tombstone Pizzas = 2.50 each when you buy 4
1 1/2 gallon FL Chocolate Milk 3.29 - FREE Q when purchase 1 gallon regular milk (actually took off 3.75 automatically) * Q found on when using Missouri zip code
3 Ragu Pasta Sauce sale price 2/$4
1 Ragu Pizza Sauce 1.49 - $2/2 Ragu FLIP x 2 - $1/2 Manufacturer IP x 2
6 FL Colas .88 - $1/3 FLIP
-$2.50/$15 purchase CAT

Total- 68.48
Saved- 46.56
Spent- 21.92

Saved- 61.62
Spent- 37.33


Food Lion- Multiple stores and transactions to use the FLIPS.
The following all used $1 Guiding Stars FLIPS x 7:
2 Refried Beans
2 FL Pineapple Chunk
1 Pompeian Marinated Artichoke Hearts
1 FL Whole Mushrooms
2 FL Broccoli Florets
1 FL Mushrooms
1 FL Frozen French Fries
I also had a $2/$5 Produce FLIP to use:
.95lb Bananas .66
1 Red Apple Bites sale price 3.99

Total- 16.96
Saved- 9.89
Spent- 7.07